Consumer Electronics Show 2006


How do you get a full-body home-theater experience to go with your massive home-theater screen? A company called ButtKicker was proudly demonstrating their line of patented "silent subwoofers." They had us at "ButtKicker."

The idea behind the ButtKicker is to use an audio signal to drive a "low-frequency transducer" -- a 3.25-lb piston suspended in a magnetic coil. As with a normal speaker, an electrical audio signal fluctuates the magnetic field in the coil to drive a piston up and down. But in this case, the piston doesn't move a diaphragm to create sound waves; it just moves a weight to create vibration based on the bass signal that goes to a subwoofer. If you fasten the Butt Buster to a chair, couch, car seat, et cetera, you can feel the vibration, rather than hear it.

ButtKicker had a few demonstrations set up. One unit was wired to a PC and fastened to a chair. Sitting in the chair and playing "Battlefield 2," you could feel every gunshot and explosion.

They had also rigged a car with multiple units connected to a stereo system and rigged a couch with multiple units connected to a home theater sound system.

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