Consumer Electronics Show 2006

New Nokia Phones
The Nokia N90, flipped to take pictures and video
The Nokia N90, flipped to take pictures and video

Nokia was showing a number of new phones at CES 2006, and two of the more interesting were the N90 and the 770.

The N90 is the ultimate camera phone. The two-megapixel camera can take still photos and video, and the lens can flip for video calls.

The Nokia N90

The 770 is trying to bring real Web surfing to your cell phone. It offers WiFi access, an 800 x 480 pixel touchscreen and the Opera 8 Web browser with Flash player, PDF access, e-mail access, media players and more. With the media players you can view MPEG videos and listen to MP3 files. The 770 allows you to replace your PDA, and comes close to replacing your laptop if you only use it for e-mail and Web browsing.

The Nokia 770

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