Consumer Electronics Show 2006

Digital Antenna Cell Phone Booster

What your office is buried deep inside a concrete building and you want to use your cell phone? It used to be that you had to walk outside to make a call. Now you can solve the problem completely using the cell phone booster from Digital Antenna. At CES 2006, DA was showing a number of products to cover everything from a dorm room (500 square feet) to a large building (20,000 square feet). These repeaters and amplifiers are also being used on boats to increase their offshore range.

The basic idea of a cell phone repeater is fairly simple. You place an antenna outside where it can get a clear cell phone signal. Using a piece of coax, you connect that antenna to an amplifier. Then you put a small antenna inside to rebroadcast the signal and connect it to the same amplifier.

When you make a call from your office, the indoor antenna picks up the signals from your phone, which are then amplified and rebroadcast outside on the exterior antenna. You get great reception no matter how deep inside the building your office is.

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