Consumer Electronics Show 2006

Otter Cases

Let's say that you have an iPod, a PDA, a GPS receiver or a tablet PC and you need to take it "into the wild." For example, you are going to take it with you as you ride on a speed boat, caravan through a desert plagued by dust storms, or trek through a rainforest on an expedition. You'll need a case that protects your equipment while at the same time allows you to use it.

That's where Otter cases come in handy. Otter is making a line of sealed, watertight cases for electronic equipment. The best thing is, you can still use the equipment while it is inside the case.

For example, the Otter iPod case is completely sealed, and a rugged membrane over the scroll wheel lets you use the iPod just like you normally would. You can even drop your iPod into the ocean -- it will float and is completely watertight to three meters.

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