Consumer Electronics Show 2006

Xavix Video Workout Equipment

Xavix is carving out an interesting niche in the video sports arena. Using a custom console that you hook to your TV, you can now play sports like these in your living room:

  • Tennis
  • Baseball
  • Bowling
  • Boxing
  • Ninja fighting
  • Golf

When you buy a game from Xavix, you get the appropriate piece of equipment (like an electronic baseball bat and baseball with the baseball game, an electronic bowling ball with the bowling game, et cetera). You also get a cartridge containing the software for the console.

Say you buy the bowling game. The software shows you the bowling alley, and you use the wireless bowling ball to go through the motions. On the screen you see your ball hit the pins and count your score.

In the same way, with electronic baseball, you see the electronic pitcher pitch the ball and you swing the bat. Or you pitch by "throwing" the electronic ball.

The goal, according to Xavix, is to get you off the couch and let you exercise in front of your TV. Boxing and running games can be strenuous and let you work up a sweat. Bowling and baseball are a little more relaxed.

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