Consumer Electronics Show 2006

NVidia Quad-SLI PC

NVidia and Dell were showing a PC containing four Nvidia 7800 GPUs. It was dubbed the Quad SLI PC.

To pull this off, each GPU comes on its own card. Two cards are sandwiched together into a single module so they share a single PCI Express slot (an internal splitter in the module shuttles the PCI traffic to the two cards). Then the PC contained two of these modules for a total of four GPUs in a single machine.

These four GPUs were acting together, combining their horsepower so that the computer and game software thought it had a single graphics card of immense power. NVidia pegged the total horsepower at greater than 5 TeraFLOPS, with a total of 2GB of RAM and 40 billion pixels per second.

Nvidia then demonstrated the computer’s abilities by running the game Fear full-screen on a Dell widescreen display. The display had 2,560 x 1,600 pixels. That's 4 million pixels -- about twice as many as an HDTV. Then they cranked up the anti-aliasing and filtering to the max and played the game at frame rates that looked completely fluid. It was an amazing demonstration of computing power.

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