Consumer Electronics Show 2006

The Planon Docupen

Think about the normal scanner that is sitting on your desk. Chances are that it is big (mine is about as big as two thick phone books stacked side-by-side) and bulky. If you read How Scanners Work, you can see that there is a motor inside that moves a read head down the sheet of paper being scanned. Almost all the space inside a scanner is air.

The Planon Docupen is a full-color, battery-operated scanner that fits in the palm of your hand. They're able to miniaturize it so much by eliminating all of the air inside a scanner and letting your hand act as the motor.

Here's how you use it: place the Docupen at one end of the sheet of paper you wish to scan, push the "scan" button and drag the pen across the sheet of paper. A tiny roller keeps track of the movement and causes the scanner to store the scanned image in memory. Later you connect the Docupen to your computer to download all of the scanned images. You can also plug an SD memory card into the Docupen and use it to store images.


  • 100 dpi to 400 dpi resolution
  • 56 grams
  • Internal lithium ion battery recharges in less than an hour
  • 8 MB RAM on board, expandable with MircoSD memory card
  • Recharges from the USB port

If you need to scan images on the go, this could be the scanner for you.

Check out Marshall Brain's video tour of the Planon Docupen.

Visit the Planon Web site for details.