Consumer Electronics Show 2006

Pocket Dish

The PocketDISH player is a lot like a portable media center -- you can play games, watch TV, look at pictures and listen to music on it. But you can also transfer TV shows to it from a Dish Network DVR instead of buying them.

The PocketDISH players connect to DVRs and computers through a USB cable, and you can also record straight to the player using a docking station. The PocketDISH comes in three sizes:

  • AV700E: 40 GB hard drive and 7" widescreen display
  • AV400E: 30 GB hard drive and 4" display
  • AV402E: 20 GB hard drive and 2.2"display

Its most obvious use -- getting caught up on Lost during meetings.

Check out Marshall Brain's video tour of the Dish Network booth.

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