Consumer Electronics Show 2006


Now this is a robot.

It's a charmer, anyway. The Robonova-1 from Hitec Robotics did push-ups for us, then one-armed push-ups, then cartwheels. It can also dance, do flips, and (when programmed) compete in "robo One class J" competition.

The robot sells for less than $1,000 and comes in two forms: an unassembled kit form and a "ready to walk" pre-assembled form. Each set comes with a CD-ROM with programming software, a batter, charger and set of stickers.

Hitec is also planning to offer a set of accessory kits, including a gyro kit, a speech synthesizer kit, a speech recognition module, a sonar sensor kit and an accelerometer kit.

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Click here to see Robonova 1 in action