Is there an iPhone app for making movies?

Apple's Camera App and iMovie

The iPhone 4S shoots video at a resolution of 1080p and at a speed of 30 frames per second. The video has a bitrate of about 24 Mbps, or 180 megabytes per minute of footage. That's a lot of space. A 10-minute movie will take up almost two gigabytes of storage, which is important to remember when shooting video on a 16GB iPhone. The 32GB and 64GB models make it easier to shoot without sweating storage space.

Say you shoot a fun, 10-minute video of a birthday party and want to add music and some opening titles. What do you use? Well, you can always copy the video to your computer and edit it there. But for a simple video, Apple'siMovie is an easy way to create a movie right on the phone. The app costs $5 and offers a streamlined version of the software Apple offers on Mac OS X, with touch controls for splicing together clips, adding music and sound effects, and publishing a movie online or saving it to the iPhone's Camera Roll. iMovie offers all the basics needed for editing, like transitions and titles. It's a beginner-friendly tool for anyone shooting short movies on the iPhone.

Now, let's get a little fancy. The default iPhone camera app is great for straightforward shooting, but some third-party apps on the App Store are must-haves for certain types of movie making.