How the Dropbox Mobile App Works

Author's Note

Senior Staff Writer Robert Lamb
Senior Staff Writer Robert Lamb
HowStuffWorks 2009

Before writing this article, I'd only used Dropbox a few times to access my home music files. So when this article assignment came down the pipe, I asked my buddy Brian about it. He's a mobile app designer by trade, so I wasn't surprised when he whipped out his phone and scrolled down a lengthy list of synced Dropbox files: music, work documents and personal photos.

The technology is amazing, and it really does force us to rethink what we own and how we possess or access it. It's funny to think that much of the music or media I hold dear has never existed (at least for me) in a physical form. Increasingly, much of that data isn't even stored in a machine I own or have access to.

Welcome to the cloud.

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