5 Restaurant Apps for Serious Foodies


Eat St.

Price: free

Device: Android, iPhone

Food lovers and serious foodies alike can find quick, delicious, and unusual foods at local food trucks, and the Eat St. app. helps you track down the best of the best. A spin-off from the Food Network program of the same name, the app uses your current location to find food trucks near you, and you can check out what people are saying about the carts on Twitter, peek at the menu, check the hours, or check the vendor's profile for links to their Web site, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

While food trucks might conjure up mental images of a "roach coach" visiting construction sites with burgers and hot dogs, these mobile eateries have come a long way in the past few years. Food trucks now serve up gourmet fare like curry in savory waffle cones or tacos with an Asian fusion twist. This app works best if you live in a town with a strong food truck community.

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