5 Reasons We're Excited About the HowStuffWorks Android App


Podcasts Are a Touch Away

Easy access to podcasts aplenty.
Easy access to podcasts aplenty.
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Podcast popularity is exploding. It's still a relatively young medium, and since there's not an official schedule of all the podcasts out there, it can be a challenge to discover the ones you'll like best. The HowStuffWorks Android app makes it much easier to explore all our podcasts. Maybe you're a fan of Josh and Chuck of Stuff You Should Know, but you've never taken time to listen to the guys at CarStuff. Now you can use the Android app to get a feel for all the personalities behind HowStuffWorks. All told, 10 of our podcasts are included in the app at launch.

Choosing a show brings you to the latest episode. You can also explore the archives and listen to any episodes you may have missed. The app makes it easy for our fans to check out all we have to offer.

The coolest feature is that you can listen to the show while you browse blogs or articles. Finally, Android users will be able to get the full HowStuffWorks experience through a single application.