5 Questionable iPhone Applications


Baby Shaker

Some iPhone apps cross a fine line -- going from strange but fun to disturbing and immoral. The folks at Apple certainly faced this dilemma with Baby Shaker. Introduced by Sikalosoft in April 2009 (but no longer available via the App Store), Baby Shaker was a game that depicted a cute baby swaddled in blankets. The point of the game was to shake the iPhone until red Xs replaced the cuddly baby's eyes. The red Xs signified you killed the baby and a timer kept track of the speed at which you performed virtual infanticide.

Each time the user started the application, it opened with a disclaimer stating not to ever shake a baby. But the disclaimer didn't stop many from becoming outraged over the app. After outcries poured in from representatives of the National Center for Shaken Baby Syndrome, Apple pulled Baby Shaker from the App Store. The company later released an apology [source: CNET].

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