5 Questionable iPhone Applications



This app may allow you to take out your frustrations on that nagging boss or teacher who just doesn't understand you in a fun and safe way by turning your iPhone into a voodoo doll. That's right. With iVoodoo, you can create up to five voodoo dolls at a time. What you do is paste a picture of your favorite (or perhaps least favorite in most instances) person on the face of the doll. You can upload these photos through iTunes from your computer or grab them from existing albums already on your iPhone. Here's where the fun begins.

With iVoodoo, you can poke pins into different areas on the body of your doll that represent one of seven feelings or attributes including positive, negative, wealth, power, success, love and spirituality. In addition, you can choose to infuse your pins with power through the meditative feature. Like every other app, you utilize the iPhone's touch screen interface to drag pins to locations on your doll you feel will inflict the most pain. IVoodoo may serve as the ideal stress reliever you need to cope with the everyday ups and downs of today's fast-paced world. This app is strange, even weird. But it pales in comparison to the final app on our list of five unorthodox iPhone apps.

The final app to make the list really pushes the limit of morality. Rather than simply being strange or weird, it makes the leap to disturbing. In fact, it's been pulled from Apple's App Store so you can't even download it anymore. Is the suspense killing you?