5 Questionable iPhone Applications


Atomic Fart

Atomic Fart
Atomic Fart
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OK, admit it. Farts are funny. Well, maybe not while you're riding in an elevator full of people or sandwiched between two people in the backseat of a car. But what is more uncomfortable than the eerie quiet following the sound of a fart ripped in public? That's exactly what Atomic Fart is all about.

Atomic Fart turns your iPhone into a virtual sound box full of various flatulent sound effects. Free for the partial version or $.99 for the full version, Atomic Fart boasts 30 high-quality fart sounds. What's more, with Atomic Fart you can activate a timer or motion sensor that will let 'er rip in your pocket or wherever you hide your iPhone. That way you can sit back and watch people around you squirm at the sound of a "pants stainer," "juice anyone?" or "what just happened?" custom-made Atomic Fart.

The partial version will have the occasional advertisement pop up on the bottom of the screen, while the full version gives you more features including a drum set that lets you either play your fart machine freestyle or in the form of a "Simon Says" game. Atomic Fart isn't for everyone. It may take a twisted mind to enjoy. Nevertheless, Atomic Fart has a place on our list of the strangest of iPhone apps.

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