5 Questionable iPhone Applications

Ruben & Lullaby
Ruben & Lullaby
Ruben & Lullaby
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Available in 80 countries as of May 2009, the iPhone has worldwide appeal. One app is aimed right at the very heart of the everyday relationships between men and women. Ruben & Lullaby is similar to a virtual comic book. The app is a game where you control the emotions of a man (Ruben) and a woman (Lullaby) as they go through their first fight as a couple. How it works is by utilizing the iPhone's built-in accelerometers to interact with the two lead characters. Shake your iPhone to upset Ruben. Stroke the phone's screen to make Lullaby sad. These movements and more force the characters into situations where you must control their interactions in order to reach the ending. Sound kind of odd? Perhaps it is. But as we suggested in the beginning, different strokes for different folks.

What is undisputable is the creativity of this app. Noted graphic novelist Ezra Clayton Daniels created the visually stunning artwork and the app moves much like a cartoon. How the story ends is entirely up to you. The characters respond to each other based on their feelings. You control these feelings with the tips of your fingers. If you've ever wanted to meddle in two people's relationship, this is the app for you. Maybe you'd just like to practice for when you find yourself in a similar situation. Whatever the case, Ruben & Lullaby is growing in popularity, especially among adults.

As for the next app on our list of the five strangest iPhone apps, most would agree that its content is purely juvenile. Here's a hint, it's something we all do and can't help find embarrassing. Ready to have some fun, even if it may seem gross?

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