5 Questionable iPhone Applications


Face Melter

Our faces identify our very essences. So what can be more entertaining than an iPhone application designed to contort, stretch and liquefy your favorite photos? That's precisely what Face Melter, designed by Nico Becherer does. Face Melter can turn an ordinary picture into an image reminiscent of a creature out of a Harry Potter novel. For $.99, or $1.99 for Face Melter Pro, you can tweak any photo. Some of the goofy things you can do include stretching noses, turning up or down mouths to form grins and scowls, and magnifying eyes to create funny depictions of your favorite faces. Face Melter utilizes the iPhone's camera roll or pictures imported through iTunes. Face Melter even works with Flikr so you can access you favorite photo albums through the online photo host site.

While you will quickly see, some of the apps on this list straddle the line of morality. However, Face Melter is plain, old-fashioned fun. Like Photoshop, Face Melter has no limits of creativity. It comes down to the user. Your iPhone is the canvas and your imagination creates the masterpiece. Now, let's move from a goofy app to one that just seems weird.