5 Great TV Apps for Android


The HBO Go app is exactly that: HBO on the go. With this app you won't miss HBO original programming or the 1,400 shows that HBO says you have access to. The streaming service comes free with your HBO subscription and the app is free to download. If you like building video lists, and who doesn't, you can set up a watch list on the app for your favorite shows. You won't have to wait long to catch new programming on the app either; once an episode airs on HBO it's available in the app within 24 hours. Even if you missed entire seasons of past shows, you can fire up the app and start catching up on the shows at any time.

Most of the content in the app is HD, so if your phone supports it you'll have an amazing viewing experience. For TV junkies who want to know all the ins-and-outs of characters, sets, and director's thoughts, you're in luck. HBO Go gives you access to behind-the-scenes videos of your favorite shows, commentary on certain episodes, and pictures from the sets. There are enough special features to help you make the jump from simply liking a show to having your friends think you need to get out more often.

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