5 Great TV Apps for Android



If you're looking for another free TV streaming service, you may want to check out the TV.com app. This app provides content from CBS, the CW, CNET, CBS News, CBS Sports...come to think of it they probably should have named it the "C App." There's also content from ET and Showtime. The TV.com app allows you to watch full episodes over cellular and Wi-Fi connections and select programming based on the channel you're looking for.

The app has some current shows from the CBS lineup, so if you have more important things to do than, let's say, watch the latest episode of "CSI" then you're covered. You can also watch older shows like "MacGyver" and "Hawaii Five-O." Which may come in handy if you're trapped in the trunk of a car with only your cell phone, a piece of twine and a Swiss Army knife. MacGyver to the rescue!

Obviously with free apps and free TV shows, you'll sacrifice a little time watching ads, but so goes the free app world. Keep in mind that although they have a lot of full episodes in the app, there are also a lot of videos that are just short clips.