5 Great TV Apps for Android


Hulu Plus

The Hulu Plus app offers recent TV programming options.
The Hulu Plus app offers recent TV programming options.
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For those with a voracious TV appetite, Hulu is probably already one of your entertainment BFFs. The Hulu Plus app allows Hulu monthly subscribers to watch all the content their site has to offer, right on your phone. As with Netflix, Hulu won't say how many TV shows they have, but some estimates put it at about 43,000 episodes and almost 1,700 TV shows. Having that much television on-demand for a small monthly fee should keep any TV-lover warm at night.

One of the apps' drawbacks is that it doesn't support every device that runs Android, even if you have a supported version of Android, so for some smartphone owners it just won't work.

Unlike Netflix and some other TV apps, the Hulu Plus app offers recent TV programming. You can find shows from NBC, FOX, ABC, National Geographic, MTV, PBS and lots of others. You can watch the full current season of many shows as well.

If you haven't subscribed yet, you can try one month of Hulu Plus for free. It should be noted that although you pay for the Hulu Plus subscription each month, you'll still see a few ads during shows. Yes, it's lame -- we know. But for all the shows you have access to it far outweighs the few ads and the low monthly subscription fee.