5 Great iPhone Scanning Apps


Scanner Pro

At $6.99 for a download, Readdle's Scanner Pro is one of the pricier scanning programs around, but it justifies that premium cost by being both easy to use and offering an extensive array of features, including some that you won't find in competing programs. One of Scanner Pro's nice features is that it senses where the edge of the document is, which ensures that you don't take a picture of a page and somehow leave out some of the text. But the program's big strength is that it lets you do a whole lot of stuff to documents once you've scanned them. It will work with multiple pages and includes tools for moving, deleting and combining pages, and it also lets you password-protect the finished PDF, so only the right people get to see sensitive information.

ScannerPro will let you upload documents to Dropbox, Evernote, iDisk, or any other server that uses the WebDAV format for facilitating collaboration between users, and it will also let you send your scans to Google Docs. For a 99 cent fee per use, Scanner Pro will even fax your documents to someone who still uses that technology [source: AppAdvice.com].