5 Great iPhone Scanning Apps


Genius Scan

This HSW sticker was scanned with the Genius app.
This HSW sticker was scanned with the Genius app.

If you're the sort of person who feels safer buying an established brand rather than experimenting with an upstart app, Genius Scan might be the best choice for you. The Grizzly Lab product is one of the most popular iPhone scanning apps around, with millions of users. Like JotNot, it's designed to optimize the pictures your iPhone camera takes, correcting perspective and other factors to create a sharper image of the text. It will also automatically straighten skewed or off-center images -- a plus when you're trying to capture information from a whiteboard at a corporate presentation or a sign.

The program creates sharp black-and-white images and is capable of scanning multipage documents and melding the images into a single file. Unlike JotNot, it's capable of creating PDF documents that you can export to iBooks or any app that's capable of reading PDFs. With the premium Genius Scan+ version of the program, you also can easily export documents to Dropbox, the cloud document-storage site, and to Google Docs and Evernote. InformationWeek reviewer Todd Ogasawara notes that you can use the app to capture "whiteboard sessions, receipts and other papers and signage on the go" to share in various formats. On the downside, he wrote, although the app works on an iPad, it doesn't scale to the larger display [source: Ogasawara].