5 Useful Boating Apps for the iPhone


Marine&Lakes: USA

Navionics was a pioneer in providing digital marine charts for boaters, and now it's also a leader in providing navigational information apps that provide those charts along with other useful information and features. It offers iPhone apps for various regions, including oceans and lakes, around the world. The most popular is Marine&Lakes: USA, available for $9.99.

Once loaded, the charts are available for use even if you're beyond the reach of wi-fi or phone signal. Marine&Lakes: USA gives you charts to map out your trip, as well as information on tides, currents, winds, the sun and the moon. You can edit your charts to add information about such details as rocks, lights and buoys. The app also tells you where to find marinas, repair shops and restaurants, among other things, and you can edit that information as well.

The app even provides free downloads of articles from leading marine magazines.

Want to share your seafaring adventures with family and friends? This app lets you create a virtual travelogue and send it by e-mail or post it on Facebook.

Are you ready to set sail? Keep reading for lots more information.

Author's Note

This article was fun to work on because I had just acquired a new iPhone. I started out a little skeptical, thinking the apps would be mostly gimmicks – like the one to put bikini-clad babes as a screen saver.

But I quickly realized that there are a number of apps that would be invaluable tools for a boater. It's amazing how much information and how many useful functions can be packed into apps, turning your phone into a powerful resource.

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