10 Mobile Apps for Music Lovers



With TuneWiki, you can make almost any mobile device resemble a miniature karaoke machine. The service lets you check out lyrics of any song you're listening to on your smartphone or tablet, and it translates them into any of 40 languages. It initially became popular for Android and Symbian phones and is now available for iPhone and iPad. It takes music discovery to another level, letting you watch music videos and grab synchronized lyrics that roll along with the song.

A very cool TuneWiki feature is the song map, which allows you to zero in on virtually any location and find out which tunes folks are listening to in that area. If you're obsessed with riding the crest of popular music, TuneWiki gives you access to real-time top 50 charts from around the world. It also lets you connect with friends through your favorite social media site or with fans of a particular band. Those friends and fans become "Muses," and the new songs they like become recommendations for you. The more Muses you have, the more your musical horizons will grow.

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