10 Mobile Apps for Film Buffs


iPhlix (Apple) and NetQ (Android)

Cost: $2.99 for iPhlix and $0.99 for NetQ

Devices: The iPhlix app is designed for the iPhone and iPad. NetQ works on Android.

Sure, Netflix has penetrated every market and device imaginable -- from Blu-ray players to TV sets to consoles and content boxes like Apple TV -- with its Watch Instantly service. Wait until you try sorting your queues using their app though, if you haven't already. The disc queue is nowhere to be seen, and dealing with the instant queue sorting requires a knack for nonlinear thinking and more than a little patience.

This looks like a job for apps.

We didn't feel that any single app could claim top honors for both Apple and Android, so we split our pick: iPhlix for iPhone and NetQ for Android. iPhlix lets you add, delete and reorder items in your instant and disc queues. It also includes functions for searching, sharing movie recommendations with friends and filtering by Blu-ray, DVD or instant. NetQ offers similar features, but adds Rotten Tomatoes scores to the mix, as well as reviews and YouTube searches for related movie trailers.