10 Mobile Apps for Bookworms


iBooks from Apple

The iBooks app for the iPhone and other iOS devices.
The iBooks app for the iPhone and other iOS devices.
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There's no way that the folks behind Apple, the company that made nerdy cool, were going to let this opportunity to cash in on the digital book bonanza pass them by. So they've given us iBooks. This e-reader app lets you download, read and store books and comes with the iBookstore, where you'll find many current and archived titles. One aspect of practical reading that iBooks mirrors is the ability to sample the goods. iBooks helps solve the "analysis paralysis" we readers often confront when considering digital books by offering a free sample of any book to download and read so you can make an informed decision. And let's face it, that's part of the fun of picking out a new book.

iBooks displays your collection on a digital bookshelf that can be arranged and rearranged by author, title or genre. You can build lists that are easy to navigate between with the touch screen of an iPhone (or iPad or iPod Touch). There are also settings to make reading more comfortable including font size and brightness.

Since reading and writing go together, check out the next section for an app that offers the creative reader a way to get his or her work read by a large audience.