10 Mobile Apps for Bookworms


Stanza From Lexcycle

Stanza, for iOS devices, is ideally suited for bookworms interested in considering making the leap to palm-top reading because this app includes settings that can be customized for individual reading preferences. You can control the font size, color display and the layout so you are free to tinker with the settings until you settle on a pallet to your liking. And this is a free app, so there's nothing to lose and much to gain -- as in the more than 100,000 books and magazines for purchase, as well as classic works available for free [source: Lexcycle].

And Stanza is loaded with features, including the ability to browse alternative covers with the "Cover Lookup" option. So if you don't like the cover art that came with the version of the edition you purchased, you can search a database of alternative covers for that particular work and switch. Paperbacks never allowed that! Speaking of covers, there's a cool user interface for easily browsing your collection by cover, similar to the "Cover Flow" feature in your iTunes music library.

Stanza has all the features you would expect from an e-reader including intuitive, touch-screen navigation to move between chapters, automatic place-keeping and a bookmark feature that lets you note your favorite passages.