10 Mobile Apps for Bookworms


Book Crawler from Chiisai App Solutions

Bookworms like to keep track of what they've read, what they're currently reading and what they want to read in the future. Book Crawler is a pretty handy mobile application that can help keep track of your library -- whether it's digital or print.

This app, available on devices running iOS, helps readers organize their collection by virtually any parameter from author to publication date to genre and beyond. And for readers with extensive collections, Book Crawler provides a pretty cool way to populate your database with your physical books. You can use the camera on your smartphone to scan the barcode for print editions and simply type in the title, author, or ISBN number of a digital edition and Book Crawler magically auto populates the additional information for you. This way, you now have a comprehensive database of every book you own, regardless of format.

And every title you catalog includes the title, author, the date it was read, genre, whether or not it's part of a series, as well as copyright and publishing information. Have you ever lent a book to a friend only to never see it again? Book Crawler has a feature that lets you make a note of loaned titles so you can keep tabs on your collection.

But the coolest thing Book Crawler offers is location-based so you can discuss books with people near you as well as find nearby copies of books by your favorite authors.

Interested in a little more authenticity in your digital reading habits? Check out the next section and read about an app that recreates the experience of reading an actual book.