10 Mobile Apps for Bookworms


IndieBound From American Booksellers Association

The Indiebound app for iPhones and iOS devices.
The Indiebound app for iPhones and iOS devices.
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Like Goodreads, IndieBound is interested in harnessing the power of social networking to enrich the reading experience. Its mission is to raise awareness for independent book sellers in order to encourage strong local economies and communities. IndieBound leverages its network of indie book retailers to help users discover authors or titles they might not otherwise be exposed to.

Using the mobile app (for iOS devices), readers can access IndieBound's recommended lists that include the Indie Next List, the Kids Indie Next list, and the Indie Bestseller List. IndieBound lets you browse books, read detailed reviews, and locate independent sellers nationwide. But what's really cool, is that in addition to getting recommendations from knowledgeable bookworms, the app provides location-based information so you can purchase the title from the closest independent bookstore.

With its emphasis on introducing what's hot on the independent circuit, helping readers find gems that might otherwise go unnoticed and supporting small businesses, this app is perhaps the most altruistic offering on our list.