10 Great iPhone Camera Apps



Frameographer is the iPhone app that will finally let you make that Gumby fan movie you've always dreamed of. Or maybe it's the sun setting over a city skyline that you've always wanted to capture in a beautiful time lapse. Frameographer has both styles covered. The $3 app focuses on creating stop motion movies and time-lapse videos with easy control over every frame in a project. For stop motion, the ability to duplicate frames or delete multiple frames at once makes it possible to edit a home movie in-app, rather than dumping a series of photographs and editing them together on a computer. The "onion skin" mode displays the most recently captured frame on screen, making it easy to line up a series of stop motion shots.

The app's interface couldn't be much simpler: It displays video frames, buttons for adding in music and exporting a finished project to the iPhone's camera roll, and a few other basic options. Time lapse allows you to snap photos as rapidly as one per second or as slowly as one every 10 minutes, and the final video can be output at a flexible framerate.