10 Great iPhone Camera Apps



SloPro is a big divergence from the filters and editing tools of apps like Camera+ and Camera Awesome. SloPro is all about video. The free app can shoot 60 frames per second (fps) video on the iPhone 4S -- twice the frame rate of the standard 30 fps -- and then export that video at three different speeds: slow, slower and slowest. Shooting at 60 fps is important, since the app can then slow the video down without resulting in choppy playback. And with that, slow motion iPhone video capture is easy as can be.

One caveat: SloPro requires a $2 in-app purchase to remove a video watermark and export videos in slow motion or at 60 fps. Videos can also be uploaded to Facebook and Twitter.

Our next app isn't quite so specialized, but it's still all about video: FilMic Pro is the go-to choice for budding filmmakers with iPhones in their pockets.