10 Great iPhone Camera Apps



Camerabag is a $2 filter app. Like the more famous Instagram, Camerabag lets you apply all sorts of stylized filters to an image, transforming a digital photo into an '80s Polaroid replica or a warm silver take on black-and-white aesthetics. Like Camera Genius, Camerabag has been around for years. And while newer apps have passed it by in terms of popularity, Camerabag still has its supporters, thanks to a simple interface and a selective range of filters. "Instant," "1974," "Cinema," and "Colorcross" are a few of the 14 filtering options.

If a photo doesn't come out quite right, double-tapping will re-apply a filter and change how it looks. That's about as simple as photo editing can get.

Want more control over your photo manipulation? Then it's time to download a dedicated editing app.