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Relaxing: Karma Art

Karma Art
Karma Art
Screenshot by Peter May

Let's say you've got some time to kill, or things are getting a bit tense. Imagine if your iPhone could help you relax and pass the time. And, you could create something fun to send a friend or your significant other. That's what Karma Art is all about. It's simple, fun and won't tax your tired brain. Not even a little.

Begin by choosing from eight background textures, and then add elements from categories such as transportation, people, animals, scenery, clouds and more. The developer promises many more design elements in future releases.

You can resize and move the design elements to your heart's desire. When you tilt the phone, the image automatically adjusts from portrait to landscape mode. Finally, pop up the on-screen keyboard, add a special message, save your artwork and e-mail it to someone important.

It's fun, it's easy and you don't have to know how to draw. Nice.