10 Great iPhone Apps


Music Making: iShred LE

iPods and iPhones were invented to play music, not make it. Many developers have tried to create apps to help you make music on the iPhone, with limited success. As a result, you can turn your iPhone into any number of musical instruments, including a cowbell, triangle, guitar and even an ocarina. Technically, these apps make music, but in most cases, it's not something you'd want to send off to a recording company in search of a contract. There is one app, however, that could actually make this possible. Well, almost.

iShred LE takes iPhone guitar apps to new levels of reality and utility. Even the best guitar player will appreciate the breadth of sound options available. What truly sets iShred LE apart, however, is that the developers designed the interface so you play it the way the iPhone works. Strum or pick out a tune with one finger and play chords using a series of buttons above the digital fret board. They didn't duplicate a guitar for the iPhone, they created a guitar for the iPhone.

The app uses actual guitar sound samples and passes them through your choice of eight effects pedals and a simulated amplifier. Play with the effects pedals to your heart's content, or choose from several pre-set styles including Heavy Metal, Psychedelic 60s, Surf's Up, Area 51 and New Waver.

For even more capabilities, you can move up to an enhanced version that allows you to create your own chords, select an actual model of amplifier, use multiple effects and more. The fact is, there's a guitar superstar lurking in almost everyone. iShred LE is a fun way to set yours free.