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Educational: Wheels on the Bus

Wheels on the Bus
Wheels on the Bus
Screenshot by Peter May

There is a relatively recent trend in iPhone apps that's a bit unexpected. The number of apps designed for toddlers and other very young children is exploding. Although some of us might hesitate to hand an iPhone over to a three-year old, the educational and fun aspects of these apps just might make you change your mind. Although you'll still want to be nearby…just in case.

Wheels on the Bus does a lot of things babies and young kids find fascinating. In fact, many users have reported problems getting their phone back from the toddler when a call comes in.

As the name implies, Wheels on the Bus is based on the popular children's song. In this case, however, you can choose to hear it in one of five languages. Each section of the song (such as "the wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish") is sung as a special page is displayed. Each page includes small elements that move or make sounds when the child touches them. The wipers, for example, go back and forth. The child can move from page to page by touching arrows at the bottom of each screen.

Thise app appears to have just the right number of elements for young children, who will learn how to get things moving quite easily. If you don't mind hearing the song over and over again, Wheels on the Bus will be both fun and educational for the younger set.