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Utilities: 9-Tool Box

9-Tool Box
9-Tool Box
Screenshot by Peter May

The cool-factor associated with carrying what amounts to a pocket-size computer around with you is pretty high. But, if your wiz-bang device can actually help you do stuff; well, now you have a cupcake beneath all that icing. The app 9-Tool Box, from e2ndesign, includes 9 (actually 10 -- they added one right before release) utilities to help simplify your day.

Here's what's included in the app:

Currency -- Currency converts among 161 currencies.

Date Calc -- If your in-laws are due to arrive in 23 days, this utility can help select the right date for your "unexpected business trip."

Days Until -- This utility provides a countdown to any important date you enter.

Holidays -- When is Memorial Day this year? This utility provides a calendar of holidays in 83 countries.

Two Inclinometer -- This utility does other level apps one better by including both a surface and bubble level. Data are provided in degrees, percent and pitch.

Loan -- Tap in the required data and Loan provides details on payment amount, payment schedule, monthly interest, total interest and total repayment amount.

My Girl's Day -- This clever app helps women track and estimate their menstrual cycle to provide critical information for healthcare and family planning purposes.

Tip Calc -- Calculates a tip based on the percentage you choose with or without taxes.

Units -- This app instantly converts units for area, distance, pressure, temperature, volume and weight.

Price Grab -- Enter the total price and quantity of any item and the app provides a unit price.