10 Great iPhone Apps


Games: Glyder

Screenshot by Peter May

It won't surprise you to learn there are literally thousands of games available for the iPhone. There are classics reborn, easy time wasters and highly complex, graphics-intensive supergames designed to satisfy even the most ardent gamer. We decided to go for something unique.

Glyder is a game that combines skill and cunning with a touch of elegance not typically found in this genre. The magical graphics flow smoothly, our hero Eryn glides effortlessly and the music is like nothing you've ever heard in a hand-held game. In short, Glyder is a class act.

Glyder was created by Glu and is designed to test the limits of the iPhone's capabilities. Your character, Eryn, finds herself in a "dimensional rift" with only her amazing flying apparatus. To get home, she must collect crystals while flying through a fantastic landscape.

The game begins with Eryn standing on a platform overlooking an incredible, magical environment. Simply tap the screen and Eryn takes to her wings. Flight is controlled by tilting the iPhone in the direction you wish to go. Catch available updrafts to gain height and dive to pick up speed.

With Glyder, Glu has created something amazing. A game that is at once challenging and relaxing. Glide on, Eryn!