10 Cool iPhone Apps for Kids

How early is too early to let your children play with your gadgets? See more gadget pictures.

Before Apple CEO Steve Jobs negotiated a deal with wireless carrier AT&T in 2006, cell phones were viewed primarily as tools for mobile communication. Customers were more concerned with the connection they got from their wireless service provider than they were with the phone they used. Then something happened, something that shook the industry and changed the way customers view cell phones. Apple introduced the iPhone.

It's safe to say few people could foresee the meteoric rise in popularity the iPhone would have. Third-party developers have revolutionized the devices with an ever-growing catalogue of applications. With thousands of apps to choose from, you'd be hard-pressed not to find something for everyone in the family. If you have the courage to let your little one play with your prized possession from time to time, it's only fitting you find some cool apps they'll enjoy.

With so many options in the App Store and unique personalities of kids from all over the world, it's hard to narrow down what everyone would like. That's why this is a comprehensive list of cool apps that encompasses a little bit of everything from education to art and music with plenty of creative fun sandwiched in between. And make no mistake, these apps are cool. The bottom line is you have tons of application options for children. We've put together a list of 10 that kids are sure to enjoy, listed in no particular order. Who knows, some of these you may even enjoy yourself.