10 Apps for Rooted Android Phones

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Pokemon Go Where Ingress Went

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Author's Note

I've been an Android user for several years now, and in spite of my rather geeky background, I've always resisted the call of rooting. Writing this story, however, inspired me to give it a shot.

Thanks to a massive amount of thorough, step-by-step instructions that are available online, I found the rooting process pretty painless. In less than 45 minutes, I was installing root-only apps to a squeaky-clean phone free of frustrating bloatware and other unnecessary and downright stupid software. Not only did my device run faster, but I had more control over which apps I wanted to see, and when.

Considering that I use my phone all day, every day, rooting was definitely a good investment of my time and energy. Plus, I get the satisfaction of knowing that it's set up for my personal tastes and not those of my wireless provider.

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