Where can you find photography backgrounds and props?

Imagine this picture without guitars or a backdrop. The effect would be much different. See more pictures of cool camera stuff.
Imagine this picture without guitars or a backdrop. The effect would be much different. See more pictures of cool camera stuff.
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A great photograph often consists of more than just a primary subject. Compelling pictures can be accented by interesting backgrounds and tools that allow the subjects to express themselves. That's where the challenge lies -- finding those perfect accents. Never fear. Many Web sites aim to provide photographers with backgrounds and props for use at home, in a studio or on location. You can find sites that'll provide everything from small snowflakes to a complete Tuscan scene.

The biggest thing you have to decide is what exactly you're looking for. Do you need a full studio setup with a floor-to-ceiling backdrop and props? Or do you just need a little something extra to complete your shot? Once you've determined that, you can more easily choose the sort of photography equipment site you'll get the most from.


For example, a site like Photography Props has a special line of backgrounds that consist of extra-large letters so you can spell out graduation dates or specific phrases [source: Photography Props]. Other sites deal in drop cloths to set a certain scene, like New Orleans' famous Bourbon Street or a country cottage [source: Denny Manufacturing Co.]. Much like backgrounds, you can find nearly any prop you might need on these same sites. Types of props range from studio risers to couches and apparel.

The distributors who run many of these Web sites offer the backgrounds and props for sale only. There are sites, however, that'll allow you to rent backdrops and props if you only need them for a limited time. The best companies will get the backgrounds to you within 48 hours and offer free return shipping [source: Westcott].

If you need something immediately or you don't want to bother with shipping the item back, confine your search to backdrops and props in your area. Stores that specialize in the sale of photography gear are your best bet. Going local will also ensure that you have precisely what you need and have it on time [source: Party Pop].

Perhaps you're thinking, "I wish I'd known about these options long ago -- photographs I've already taken could've been much better." Technology has you covered. If you'd like to take that picture of your sister at the state park and put her at a beach instead, readily available computer programs can provide you with thousands of backgrounds and tools to modify existing images [source: EZbackgrounds]. It's an easy way to alter settings, make fun magazine covers or even imagine yourself atop the Eiffel Tower.

Whether you're a professional photographer working with film or just an amateur wanting to spruce up some of your digital shots, you have plenty of options to help you get the exact picture you're seeking.


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