How Digital Scrapbooking Works

Digital Scrapbooking Ideas

If you've been scrapbooking for a while, you'll find that moving the process to your computer isn't that much of a leap. Most of the elements are the same, just modernized. Instead of using stickers or markers for your words, you can experiment with fonts. And rather than gluing fragile family photos to your book's pages, you can save the originals and used scanned, digital copies instead. You might even find graphics that resemble the embellishments you would use in constructing a traditional scrapbook, including frames, borders and common shapes (stars, hearts, schoolhouses, fall leaves and anything else you might need or imagine).

The availability of so many creative options means there are many different types of themes and looks you can incorporate into your book. And because the electronic process can be much more efficient than traditional scrapbooking, you also have the choice of creating different albums for different occasions. One big, all-purpose scrapbook is great, but why not have one just for your summer vacations? Or maybe you can make a different book for each of your children, focusing only on their respective milestones and accomplishments. And a holiday-themed scrapbook would be nice to put out on your coffee table every Christmas or Hanukah. There are many possibilities. Once you have imported and saved images onto your computer, you can use them multiple times in multiple ways.

And don't forget, constructing your scrapbooks electronically means it's easy to produce duplicates of your creation. Once the book is ready, you can e-mail it or print out copies for friends and family. Your traditional scrapbook was probably a bulky binder that resided strictly at your home. Now, with the streamlined process of electronic scrapbooking, you can make numerous copies to give as gifts. For example, if you have siblings, consider compiling memories of your collective childhoods, and then printing out a book for each brother or sister.

However, if you're planning to keep your scrapbook strictly digital and only e-mail it, you have the option of adding video and sound effects -- two things your traditional, hard-copy version could never include.

If you're looking for more ideas and inspiration, visit some of the digital scrapbooking project centers online. These pages often include step-by-step instructions along with visual examples. Many of the sites also have user forums where scrapbookers can trade tips and ideas.

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