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Couples Pregnancy Photography

For the best pregnancy pictures, wait until the mother-to-be is about 30 weeks.
For the best pregnancy pictures, wait until the mother-to-be is about 30 weeks.
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A beautiful photograph of your burgeoning belly documents a moment in time -- one you'll cherish more and more with age. If you're tired of seeing the same old belly pics (you know, the ones with a partner's arms wrapped around a pregnant waist), give your session a sense of personality.

For starters, make sure your belly is big enough to be seen in all its pregnant glory, but that your face and fingers aren't yet swollen in the final countdown to delivery day. For most women, that magic number is 30 weeks' gestation. It's also the right time to get out your stretchy, form-fitting clothes. We're not talking maternity clothes here, but fitted tops in solid colors that accentuate your curves.

Of course, you could opt out of clothes altogether by draping your breasts and southern region in luxurious fabric while exposing your beautifully plumped belly. Or, wear your husband's button-down shirt, or his fireman pants and suspenders, or any other kind of uniform that illustrates what he does for a living or hobby. It's a great way to pull him into the scene in a non-traditional way.

There are a number of sweet poses that capture the relationship parents have with their baby-in-waiting. Classic sensibilities include a partner's cheek to bare pregnant belly, or a pregnant woman leaning back into the arms of her beau and tipping her chin to receive a kiss. For a fun angle, lean your heads together and have the photographer shoot from below the belly to capture your facial expressions. It may look a bit like an eclipse of the moon, but it's a memorable way to bear witness to a changing body. After all, that's exactly what maternity portraits are meant to do.

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