5 Tips for Panoramic Photography


Choose Your Subject Wisely

It's tough to take a panoramic shot of a place like Times Square because it's always changing.
It's tough to take a panoramic shot of a place like Times Square because it's always changing.
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Not everything is suited for panoramic photography. You can't create a good panorama when there is a lot of movement. For example, it would be nice to take a panoramic photo of a place like Times Square in New York City. But because of all the people, cars and blinking lights, your images wouldn't line up correctly. A speeding yellow taxi that appears in one frame is not going to appear in the next. The news ticker in the background will have different words on it in all your shots.

Your best bet for optimal panoramic photos is choosing subjects that don't move. That's why landscape photography lends itself so well to panorama -- photos of mountains, skylines, seascapes or forests. When you think about panoramic photos, you usually think of horizontal views. But you can do a vertical panorama, too -- perhaps a skyscraper, waterfall or the Eiffel Tower. The possibilities are endless.

After you've stitched together your panorama, print it. Perhaps that lovely view from a mountaintop in Colorado will decorate your wall after you have it enlarged, printed out and framed.

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