5 Tips for Panoramic Photography


Take a Lot of Photos

After you've composed your image, you're ready to take some photos. We recommend using a tripod because you'll want your camera to stay as level as possible as you rotate it while taking your shots. If you don't have a tripod, then rotate your upper body but keep your feet planted to the ground as much as you can as you take your photos.

Since your camera doesn't take panoramic views automatically, you need to take several photos in order to capture the entire vista. Make sure you overlap the edges as you take your pictures, so you can stitch the panorama together properly later. You don't want to get home, get your images on the computer and find that you have a few pieces missing. Each photo should overlap about 30 to 50 percent.

Start taking photos at the very left of what you're trying to capture, and keep going until you reach the very right. Keep the camera as level as possible. Don't change any of the settings in between photos -- if the lighting or exposure levels are different, the photo will very clearly looked stitched together. Also, take your photos quickly. Outdoors, things can change in an instant. The sun can go behind a cloud and change the lighting. Or a wind might kick up and start blowing things around. So work fast.