5 Things You Should Never Do to Family Photos

The key to lasting memories is well-preserved pictures. See more pictures of cool camera stuff.
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You can admire them, share them and even laugh at them but there are some things you should never do to family photos. If you're considering how to store and showcase the pictures you've collected through the years, you'll learn a few important things in this article that can make the difference between deterioration and lasting memories.

Preserving family photos is all about protecting them from the environment and handling them properly. Think of how a museum cares for its artifacts and other treasures. Display and storage temperature, humidity and light remain within specific parameters and touching the exhibits is usually forbidden. Eating, drinking and smoking in galleries or storage areas is typically prohibited as well. In addition, pieces are usually kept in climate-controlled storage the majority of the time and are shown for just weeks or a few months.

Your home is not a museum and your photos are not artifacts, but those images are family treasures. How do you protect their worth? Read on.