5 High-speed Photography Tips

Watch this EcoGeeks video to learn some of the secrets to taking amazing photos while skydiving.

Did you ever wonder how a wildlife photographer captured a running cheetah in a photograph so clear that it looks like the cat's suspended in time? Have you been amazed at a photograph of a bullet passing through an apple or a baseball warped around the edge of a bat in mid-swing?

High-speed photography like this is within your reach. Freezing a moving subject goes beyond fast cameras, though. Even the simplest cameras have manual and automatic settings that can help you get that perfect high-speed shot.

In this article, we offer five tips we've learned from the pros. Check out these tips, and then practice them with your own equipment so you, too, can create some amazing freeze frames.

Let's start with a tip about the most common camera component associated with high-speed photography: the shutter.