5 Family Portrait Photography Tips


Dress similarly

Having everyone dress in similar outfits helps to visually unify the group and makes exposure and retouching easier. We've all seen those photos of laid-back families dressed casually in jeans and white shirts, barefoot on the beach. The look works for some families, but if your brood needs to allow for a bit more individuality, don't despair. Simply ask for everyone to choose an outfit in a neutral palette or in similar tones, in either dark or bright colors. Stay away from brightly patterned or trendy clothing that might provide a distraction to the viewer or date the photo too quickly.

Look for ways to capture common interests. Does your family love baseball or hiking? Have them wear T-shirts representing their favorite teams, or dress casually in hiking clothes and pose by a stream. Everyone will be happy and comfortable -- and the smiles will be genuine.

Tempted to make a special shopping trip to find something new for your son or daughter to wear? Don't. You'll want to them to look relaxed and natural, and brand-new clothing can look stiff and uncomfortable on film.