5 Family Portrait Photography Tips

If you want a truly unforgettable family portrait, forget the rules of photography and get creative. See pictures of cool camera stuff.
David Trood/Getty Images

So, you're planning to take a family portrait. Whether the photo will include three or 23 members, a little advance planning will ensure that the portrait is one you'll hang proudly in your hallway or over your mantle for years to come.

Every person in the photo needs to be lit properly and positioned towards the camera, but a portrait that will make you proud also needs to be well-composed. This, of course, is easier said than done if you're working with a squirmy toddler, scowling teenager and a great-aunt who's uncomfortable in front of the camera. It helps to scout your background, gather any necessary props and prepare your family members about what to expect during the shoot.

Start your successful photo shoot with an extra fully charged battery for your digital camera and a memory card with lots of available space. Then, read on to learn how to make sure your next family photo preserves your family memories with love and warmth.