5 Couples' Photography Ideas

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Setting up a private photo shoot for yourself and a loved one can be both weird and wonderful. It's a time-honored tradition for couples to document their relationship, but ideas on how to do it range from boring to tacky. Unless you're happy with walking into a department store and having a quick photo taken with a backdrop, chances are you want something more creative but also classy.

While there are thousands of possible ways to have your picture taken, there are a few ground rules you'll want to follow. First, make sure you and your significant other are the focus of the shot. A photo of you and your partner in front of a mountain might be a great memory, but it won't work if it detracts attention from the two of you. You also want to remember your audience -- if you're sending the photo to your grandparents you don't want it to be overly romantic and certainly not suggestive. And remember, this photo is a representation of both you and your spouse, so make sure you plan together.

No matter how you decide to do it, you'll want to make create something you'll appreciate for years to come. For that, we can help; continue on for five different ways to handle the occasion.